Who is Laura Love?


Growing up in rural New Mexico, I would spend many days on a ranch with my grandparents. Both of them had exciting stories of Spanish land grants, dances with Billy the Kid and a meeting of Pancho Villa’s wife in Mexico. Needless to say, I grew up with a love of the west and the wild stories of various cultures, personal endurance, danger, and survival that seemed to surround the people and the land.

We learn and remember so well when the art of storytelling is used. As an eLearning specialist by profession,  I created MultiStoryMedia as a way for me to support the age old art of storytelling with a sprinkle of 21st century learning technology. By education, I hold a BA in Communications and Journalism and an MA in Organizational Learning and Technology. Armed with journalistic curiosity, a love of learning and technology and a desire in meeting new people wherever I go,  I continue my adventures in creating and collecting MultiStoryMedia stories to learn and grow on.

Laura Love, MultiStoryMedia

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