I love history. I love stories. So when NM Escape Room had a video contest on creating a video about their newest room, “Unpublished”, I just couldn’t help myself.

An escape room is an interactive game based on a story where you are locked in a room and must figure out clues, codes and other activities in order to find a way out.

“Unpublished” is set in 1970s Washington, DC reporter’s apartment at the brink of the Watergate.  In the apartment you must play detective in order to solve the mystery and escape.

So on a quiet winter night, I drafted a little 2 minute video storyboard about our detective team (myself and my partner, aka, my better half, Jake Jones. Then,  I did some gathering of public domain footage to go along with the story and submitted. I won 4 tickets to experience “Unpublished” first hand. What a fun little evening project and the detective team of Laura Love and Jake Jones can hardly wait to try and solve the escape room!

Detective Duo “Unpublished” from MultiStoryMedia Stories on Vimeo.

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