Perfectly Imperfect

As a kid, I would go with my grandmother on day trips out in the vast eastern New Mexico ranch lands in search of imperfection. My grandmother loved to sketch and paint old houses, churches, things that were worn, falling down, abandoned. I remember asking her why we would draw such old, sad looking things all the time…why not newer, pretty things? She said she want to tell their story.  She said you have to really look at the old houses, churches, swing sets, etc. and ask yourself, “Why is that door so worn, but the other one isn’t?” or “Why is that window still have it’s curtain and what kind of material is it?” She said that is where the story is, and as artists…we are storytellers. She loved to see the beauty and the story no one thought of in her paintings. A photographer’s TED talk also has a similar philosophy that I really love.

Seeing something different, something beautiful in something you might not typically think as beautiful or perfect. The imperfections are what gives us character and tells our story. It is who we are. The closer we look at those imperfections, the more we see who we really are.

This is a great way to look at eLearning too…think about those things you want to be better at…how do we remember what not to do….why from our mistakes of course! We learn from being imperfect. We grow and become better from being imperfect.

We don’t have to be perfect and actually we aren’t perfect…and that’s such a good thing. It makes us human. Thank you grandma for showing me being imperfect is perfectly fine and recognizing it is also just fine to live in an imperfect world. It tells the best stories.

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