Never Forget to Have Fun. Never.

In late May, I had the amazing opportunity to be a photographer for a wedding of two amazing women in New York. No two people in the world deserved to be married more than these two, being together for over 25 years (at least) and often times having to hide it for professional and personal reasons. They have a story all their own, which truly tells of love and perseverance. But that’s not my focus, well, at this time.

While photographing such a happy occasion, I also realized the true honesty and heart felt FUN kids seem to just exude no matter where they are and why we seem to forget that as adults somewhere along the way. I had more fun taking pictures with them and just letting go. Their playfulness also brought out many of the adults to enjoy themselves more too! I look at these pictures and just remember the happy emotions I felt. I will never forget them.

It also made me think of something my, now, 94 year old dad always reminded me of when I was growing up, “Well… ok, but are you having fun? Just never forget to have fun, no matter what you end up doing. Never. Never forget.” OK, dad, at 94, I think you hit on something here. Thank you and keep having fun.



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