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eLearning Stories: Optimal Prescribing

An eLearning project I designed and developed using storytelling methods weaved into the Instructional Systems Design was Optimal Prescribing. At the time, Warner-Lambert entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance/Discontinuance with the Attorneys General of 50 States and the District of Columbia to settle allegations that the company had conducted an unlawful marketing campaign for […]

My Sketches

As an only child growing up with much older parents, let’s just say I had a lot of time to figure out ways to entertain myself. I often found myself drawing and writing stories.  I loved to draw silly fun things that made me laugh or smile. To this day, I still love to sketch […]


I love history. I love stories. So when NM Escape Room had a video contest on creating a video about their newest room, “Unpublished”, I just couldn’t help myself. An escape room is an interactive game based on a story where you are locked in a room and must figure out clues, codes and other […]

Insight New Mexico Photography Exhibit

I have been lucky enough to have had 3 photos excepted in this year’s InSight New Mexico Women’s photography show.  In 2014, I had one accepted into the same photography show. These photos bring back some great memories and remind me why I love to take pictures in the first place. I am thrilled to […]

Perfectly Imperfect

As a kid, I would go with my grandmother on day trips out in the vast eastern New Mexico ranch lands in search of imperfection. My grandmother loved to sketch and paint old houses, churches, things that were worn, falling down, abandoned. I remember asking her why we would draw such old, sad looking things […]

White Oaks

Our History in Stories

Living and growing up around family who could trace their roots several hundred years around the rural areas of New Mexico and Tennessee, I happened to hear some common family stories that intertwined well-known outlaws, wild west entrepreneurial business and even the Civil War. Knowing there was a real connection to this history, I felt more a part of it myself. […]

Never Forget to Have Fun. Never.

In late May, I had the amazing opportunity to be a photographer for a wedding of two amazing women in New York. No two people in the world deserved to be married more than these two, being together for over 25 years (at least) and often times having to hide it for professional and personal reasons. […]